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Here safety is above all! The ATV is not a toy and can be very dangerous when used recklessly. We have prepared a list of rules that are very important to read before going out!

  • We are driving in one row only, no overtaking or parallel driving is allowed.
  • Keep in mind that other people might be using the trails we drive in. We are not alone.
  • A distance of 30 feet is required between vehicles in order to avoid a collision. Keep in mind that when suddenly breaking in off road conditions the ATV/UTV might skid prior to a final stop.
  •  It is totally prohibited to open gaps between vehicles in order to accumulate speed.  In such a case a driver might encounter an obstacle which could cause a loss of control and lead to a severe accident.
  • In case vision is not clear due to dust, mud or for any other reason, the driver must stop the vehicle. The law is  “if I don’t see I don’t drive”.
  • The speed limit on an ATV/UTV as stated by law in Israel is 25 MPH.
  • Switching drivers along the trail is permitted in specific locations and only if the guide gave his OK and was aware of the move.
  • Any person driving an ATV/UTV must present a valid driving license {a driving permit is not allowed} and be 17 or over. 
  • In a situation in which 2 people are sharing an ATV/UTV the passenger is to hold the grab-bar in front of him only. Never take your hands or feet outside the vehicle.
  • Always hold the steering with 2 hands and keep your thumbs outside the steering wheel.
  • Never apply both gas and brake at the same time; doing so will cause the ATV/UTV to skid without any control.
  • In case a driver lost the rest of the group he/she must immediately stop the ATV/UTV at the side of the trail and stay seated until the guide arrives to lead the way to the rest of the group. Never attempt to search for the group alone.
  •  Turns should be taken very cautiously and slowly. Coming into a turn fast can cause the ATV/UTV to tip over.
  • It is totally prohibited to “zig zag”, drift or take any action, which endangers the riders or the vehicle.
  • A driver, who will not abide by the safety instructions, will be taken off the ATV/UTV; in this case there will be no refund of any kind.
It was explained to me and I understand that the ATV/UTV is insured for liability only. The insurance covers bodily injuries only.
In case I cause any damage to the ATV/UTV or to any other vehicle or third party’s property   as a result of a collision, rolling over of the vehicle or for any other reason, I will pay the cost of the parts and labor to Gush EtzionATV Tours.
As damage deposit I am leaving my credit card details and give Gush Etzion ATV Tours authorization to charge it in the case described above.
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