Traveled, enjoyed and Recommend

 Many thanks for the beautiful pictures and for sharing a small but incredibly significant part of your country. The stories, knowledge and history Gush Etzion and the surrounding area serve both as a reminder and an inspiration to the strength and will of human - kind
.Thank you for spending part of your day showing us this piece of Israel. Ljuba

 (-:.We had a lot of fun today! Thank you for a great trip-


.Thank you so much!! We had the best time. You were great, All the best!!! Mindy-


We cant stop talking about the fun we all had.. plus all the history you shared.  It truly was an amazing experience we will all remember for a long
...time !!!Thanks again.. pictures are great
Lori and David Artman
.We had the best time. Thanks for making it memorable day-


:-)  !!!thank you so much!! really had a great day-


Thank you so much for all the beautiful pictures! We had very fun time! We will definitely tell all of our friends about you. Thanks again


Thank you very much . We had a very good time and thank you for the pictures-


Thank you we hade a great time, we are now back in the USA-



!Thank you. We had an excellent time-


.Wow sent so soon,these pictures are great!!! Hope to visit again soon. Thanks for a great afternoon-

                                                                                                                                                                                          Esther Anteby


!!!Thanks so much we really had a blast-


!thank you very much - we had a great time and I am telling people-


,Thank you very much-
We had a great time ATVing with you on Monday.                                                                                                                                             .. Thanks also for the ride to the bus stop and for the great pictures
.We will be sure to send many of our friends to you in the future & I look forward to bringing our whole family on our next trip to Israel


!Thanks Asaf - we had a great time! We will definitely recommend your tour to others-



!!! I already told my friends about your amazing tour  - 

!Thank you. The ATVing was awesome. Pesach Sameach

Best Regards,
Sholom Strick